Saturday April 21 – Volvo Drive Day! (GoKarts)

Our next meet up will be at The Kart Centre in Canning Vale. The venue has been booked for 10am on Saturday April 21st.

We will be doing prizes for the fastest lap times of the day. This is subject to change, but currently our prize listing is as follows:

  • 1st place:  A model XC90 + Volvo pin.
  • 2nd place: Water bottle + Hat
  • 3rd place: Volvo notebook + USB Powerbank.

All prizes generously provided by Volvo Cars Australia.

We will need to arrive at 9:45am so they can take payment, fill in our details and give us a safety brief and get us on the track for 10:10am. We will have the first few races to ourselves, then we will have some of our races in-between other people’s races, so about a 10 min break in between our races which should be fine.

We are going to structure it so we are broken into 3 groups of approx 5 people, each group will have 2x 20 lap races, so everyone gets some decent track time. After everyone has done their 2 races, the person with the fastest lap time from each group will then be chosen to do a final race to battle it out against each other.

Please note: The prizes on the day are distributed based on lap times.

And for pricing, we should hear back from them today in regards to what deal we can get and I will update everyone as soon as I know.

To RSVP, simply fill out the form below, or click attend in the Facebook Event


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