Richard’s ’66 Volvo 122S

B23ET mounted upright using modified B20 mounts, sump and mellings HV oil pump.

Forged crank, rods and pistons

531 head, stainless valves

Ported 90+ B230FT exhaust manifold and Volvo TD04-16T turbo (S70T5)

B21ET turbo intake.

Dedicated gas (LPG) using gas research (GRA) converter and mixer.

Programmable distributorless ignition using Megajolt lite jnr, Ford trigger wheel and VR sensor, Hyundai coilpacks.

Ford T5 5 speed. Exedy HD clutch.

Adjustable Gaz shocks and lowered suspension, adjustable panhard rod.

IPD anti-roll bars front and rear.

Modified instruments with GPS speedo and gauges.

140+ rwkw

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