Bean 2 Brook Cruise: Sipping Coffee and Cruising in Volvos

10AM Saturday 11th of May

Get ready to kick off an unforgettable Volvo gathering at 10am on Saturday, May 11th, at the cozy Bean 2 Brook Cafe. It’s the perfect spot to start our day of celebrating everything Volvo!

Once we’ve fueled up on coffee and camaraderie, we’ll hit the road for a scenic cruise through the stunning landscapes of Western Australia. Our route will likely take us up to the iconic Mundaring Weir, offering plenty of opportunities to bond over our shared love for Volvo and take in the beauty of the journey.

Whether you’re a Volvo veteran or just appreciate a well-crafted ride, this event is all about coming together to share our passion and explore some amazing roads. So mark your calendars, bring your Volvo, and let’s make some memories!

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